Jacob is a 54-year-old male who was ordered to complete 104 hours of community service in lieu of paying court costs. With the help of OAR, Jacob completed his hours within one year. Jacob enjoyed his community service so much, he completed an additional 90 hours, for a total of 194 hours, valued at over $2,500. He received an excellent rating on the work performed. Jacob is now debt free to the Arlington Courts and can move on in his life. He is one of over 1,200 Community Service clients OAR sees each year that strengthens the community.

Bruce came to OAR after serving 27 months in prison. He participated in OAR's Reentry Services Program, including workshops, employment classes, and coaching sessions. Bruce spoke at length about how prison changed him and that he now knows "taking shortcuts doesn't pay off." In addition to employment, Bruce was focused on opening up communication with his 11-year-old son. Recently, Bruce was able to reconnect with his son. "All I wanted coming out was to get back in touch with my son," he said. "That's happening. I'm so grateful."

Like individuals who are homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicted, those jailed for criminal offenses need help. Volunteering with OAR provides a wonderful opportunity to touch the lives of those most in need, while also dramatically benefiting the community. Volunteers can help in a wide variety of ways such as assisting with education, recovery support, or enhanced life skills training.